Agility dog tricks

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Hello and welcome to our super fun dog trick online class. We are excited to have you and your furry friend on board with us!

Agility dog tricks will introduce you to basic dog tricks that will help you and your dog in your future agility career. The course is divided into 4 weeks, every week we will focus on different skills. From teaching dogs how to be more aware of their body to tricks that will help you get great agility foundations.

Course Content

Introduction to Agility tricks
It's time that you let us know a bit better, which equipment you will need which training methods will use, and why. We will get true basic clicker instructions and rules. Which reward do we use and how? An introduction to building that great play drive with the handler.

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Awareness tricks
For every dog is important to have body awareness. Sport dogs need it to perform better, faster, and more safe. But even pet dogs need it too. You can often see especially with a bigger breed puppies struggle when running or even walking. That is why awareness tricks are essential for all dogs.

Thinking skils
For dogs, it is very important that we encourage thinking skills. Teaching them tricks in a way where we don't help with luring or targeting forces them to think about which behavior brings a reward and which one does not. To separate normal rewards and jack-pot rewards and to think in which direction we want them to go.

Happy tricks
I love the happy tricks, you can see a spark in your dog's eyes when you ask them to perform one of these tricks. Usally this trick is dynamic. For sure every dog is different but here we will meet a few tricks that most dogs adore.

Agility basic tricks
This final section is for those agility enthusiasts out there. Those tricks will give you and your dog great agility foundation skills. We will share some great tips on how to make those tricks great basic for your future agility career.

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